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Vennar specializes in developing customized and integrated 'Practice Management Suite' for your Health Care operations. Our quality intensive and extremely cost-effective turnkey solutions include software tools designed specifically in the area of Health Care Information Technology. Some of the tools developed in-house by Vennar for the seamless flow of Health Care IT services include:
• Pro-Tranz
• Ez Web Track
• MD Bill Track
• Doc-Comparator
• Pro-Player
• Auto FTP
• Hospital Revenue Optimizer (HRO)

Pro-Tranz (.NET and JAVA Versions)
PRO-TRANZ is a unique software platform which helps the Medical Transcription workflow suite. This product proved to be an invaluable tool for the Medical Transcription Services Management. Some of the salient features of this product are:
• Automatic Multi-Level File Allocation System
• Voice File Streaming & Stripping
• Real-time File & Time Tracking System for Administrators
• Remote File Search
• Generating tailored reports to suit individual client needs


Ez Web Track
An internet based application for the clients to track their file status in real time. This helps the client to maintain accountability with the transcription service provider. The Client can monitor the progress of each individual file which has been assigned for transcription. This application is also being currently used by Vennar’s management and its clients resulting in greater client satisfaction and a smoother work-flow. Some of the salient features are:
• On-Line Tracing and Tracking of files and their status
• Web Based Download/Upload/Corrections/Archival of files
• Data Transfer via encrypted E-Mails
• Options to accelerate the turn around time of critical files


MD Bill Track
MD BillTrack is a comprehensive online billing application that allows users and clients a single cock-pit access to track the progress of claims and payments. This application can be used to retrieve and manipulate day to day pending claims from the Insurance Company and to monitor the work flow of Insurance Claims and to enable Status checking of the claims. It provides search capabilities to Clients and Billing Department. It generates the reports based on remarks notes. Apart from this, the Application provides the users to add new status, create new user,Viewing Patient Details,Insurance Details,Claim Details, Patient Notes and to get the consolidated report.


Doc-Comparator has been developed in-house by Vennar after discovering the critical need by the Transcription facility and the Clients to compare the documents. This web based application works on any Windows based system. Some features include:
• Comparison of multiple documents in various formats
• Supports both MS Word and Corel Word-Perfect
• Reports generated as the Summary of Changes


Pro-Player is an electronic voice player useful for the Medical Transcriptionists while listening to the voice files from the Clients. Some features are highlighted below:
• Compatible with Rudder Pedals
• Supports Game and Serial Ports
• Supports 16 voice file extensions
• Supports pitch increment / decrement as comfortable to the listener
• Comes with a 4-band Graphic Equalizer to reduce the background disturbance


Auto FTP Application
Vennar has developed and deployed at multiple client locations an application for automatically uploading, downloading of files from the dictation server. It also assists in manual/automatic file tracking via Remote FTP.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
The PrognoCIS™ EMR/EHR system is among the most comprehensive and customizable browser-based EMR System in the American Health Care Provider Market. This EMR is specifically designed to suit the entire clinical organization and can be implemented to any specialty. PrognoCIS™ has been developed by Bizmatics, Inc. of California. Vennar has been successful in integrating its services into the EMR system helping clients to manage all their information needs through a single web based interface.

The PrognoCIS™ improves the encounter work flow and patient safety by providing instant access to entire patient records from any browser-based computer or device, anytime, anywhere.

Using the PrognoCIS™ Clinical Information Server™ (CIS) technology platform, the System enables you to be in complete control of every facet of patient care, which translates into peace of mind for you, your patients, your staff, and all the other concerned entities that you work with. Using industry standard communication protocols, it enables information sharing with other providers such as labs, radiology offices, pharmacies and practice management systems.

For further details please check the EMR/EHR page in our Services section. To arrange an online demonstration at your chosen time and place – Contact Us.


Hospital Revenue Optimizer (HRO)
The Hospital Revenue Optimizer will provide the ability to determine its cost and revenue on a daily basis in Real-time. This cock-pit software can pin point the Revenue and expenses by Location, Person, Materials and Drugs in Real-time. HRO can be integrated to inventory management, Resource management, Personal management (Example: Nursing) etc.

Corporate Eagle Eye View:
Corporate overview and micro management in real time.
Clinical out come and DRG management before the claims rejected by the payer.
Real-time itemized billing.
Decrease account receivables by prompt billing.
Operational efficiency improves by over 100 percent.
Multilevel reporting system.

Expected Revenues in Real time.
Actual Revenues in real time.
Performance pays in real time.
Revenues by Employee & Location.
Revenues by Inventories (Materials & Individual items).
Revenues by Procedures, Patent and Physician in Real-Time.
Performance reports on CPT codes by each physician.
Interfaces with existing HIS.
Non-Physician performance report.

Management Reports:
Location Costs.
Disease Cost Management.
Drug Cost management.
Capital expenditure management.
Effective HR Management.

Defining the cost:
Centers and cost allocation.
Procedures cost.
Material cost.
Drug cost.
Overall cost per case.
Resources and allocation.


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