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  Medical Billing and Claims Management is the process of submission of bills to the Insurance Company for services rendered by a Medical Practitioner on a patient and ensuring the collection of revenues without any revenue loss.

In this connection, Vennar Soft has been offering various services that will not only increase the administrative efficiency of the Practice, but will value-add to increase their patient satisfaction.The services offered are listed below:
Patient Demographic and Charge Entry
Claims Transmission – Paper & Electronic
Cash Posting
Claims Follow up – Insurance & Patients
Processing of Unpaid claims – Insurance & Patient
Reports Generation and updates to Physicians / Hospital

The manpower is trained in each of the above activities and has hands-on experience with US based clients, Insurance companies and patients.

Vennar Soft realizes that about 20-25% of the revenue is lost or never recovered by the Hospitals / Clinical Practices as a result of unclaimed bills, no follow up and wrong coding. This is a hard, yet widely acknowledged fact in the Health Care Industry. In such a scenario, it is imperative that appropriate steps are taken to curb this kind of unwanted damage to the revenues. Vennar Soft has set up a unique process flow that prevents this kind of revenue loss to the practices. Some important features of the process at Vennar are listed below:
Coding: Experienced professionals to handle and verify the CPT, ICD-9 and modifier coding to ensure proper billing
Patient Assistance: Closely work with your patients and assist them with their payment schedules and friendly reminders on delayed payments
Database: Build a personal database of all your patients and their billing cycles and update regularly
Follow up: Follow up with the insurance agencies to help the practice realize the money faster
Verification: Claim status verification within 24 hours of submission of claims and take appropriate steps to re-submit if required
Reporting: Send you fortnightly / monthly reports on the realizations and disparities in billing etc
Security: Keep all the patient related information confidential in line with HIPAA regulations
Advantage: Maximize the administrative efficacies of the practice while minimizing the expenses
Personal service: A designated Account Executive for each Client to render personalized service

Vennar Soft ensures that the Practices maximize their revenue & administrative efficiency while minimizing the time loss.

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